Why Isn’t My Hotspot Connecting To My PS4

Why Isn’t My Hotspot Connecting To My PS4?

A mobile hotspot is a helpful internet alternative when there’s no wifi. You can use it to enjoy all the aspects of your video games and update your PS4.

However, some factors can affect your console’s connection to the internet. This article will show you why you may have connectivity issues with your hotspot and the PS4.

Why Isn’t My Hotspot Connecting To The PS4?

The man in this video explains how PS4 users experienced connectivity issues after the console update. He uses his iPhone and describes how to set up your hotspot and PS4 connection. 

He mentions that you must set your phone’s hotspot frequency to 2.4 GHz since the PS4 won’t recognize it if it goes higher.

Reasons Why The PS4 Won’t Connect To A Hotspot

Usually, your hotspot’s signal strength affects the connectivity of your PS4. Here are other factors that may affect it.

  1. The console isn’t in range; try to keep it between 15 to 20 meters from your phone. 
  2. Your hotspot security won’t allow connection with your PS4. You must check the settings on your phone and let it connect with your console. 
  3. Your phone doesn’t have an internet connection. You must ensure the data and hotspot option on your phone is working. 

Also, make sure you still have data left. Your hotspot won’t work if your package is empty.

        4.You don’t have the right frequency. The frequency must be 2.4GHz to ensure the PS4 recognizes your phone. 


1. How To Connect A PS4 To A Mobile Hotspot?

The man in this video shows how he connects his PS4 with his phone hotspot. The method he uses works with both Android and iOS devices.

  1. Go to the “Settings” option on your PlayStation.
  2. Click on “Network,” then “Set up internet connection.”
  3. Select “Use wifi,” then choose “Easy” to scan for networks. 
  4. Choose your mobile hotspot, then enter your password to join the network. 

2. How To Turn On Your iPhone Hotspot?

  1. Open the “Settings” menu on your phone and select “Mobile Data.”
  2. Look for “Personal Hotspot,” then switch the toggle to “On.”
  3. Create a password, then follow the steps to connect your hotspot to the PS4.

3. How To Set Up Hotspot On An Android?

  1. Turn on your mobile data, then tap on “Mobile Hotspot” on your dropdown menu to turn it on.
  2. Select the setting icon on the upper-right corner of your toggle screen to “Configure Mobile Hotspot.” This part will help you adjust additional settings. 
  3. Change the visibility of your device so your PS4 can recognize it.
  4. Follow the steps to connect the hotspot to your PS4.

4. Can I Use My PS4 As A Hotspot Device?

Your PlayStation can also give a hotspot to other gaming devices. However, it only provides internet connections related to gaming services and streaming. 

The PS4 hotspot also isn’t as strong as your phone or router. Devices must be between 5 to 10 feet from the console. 

Sony allows you to link your PS4 with your phone, whether it uses iOS or Android. You can stream games from your phone, buy games, browse through your game library, and even chat with your in-game friends from your phone. 

  1. Use the app store on your phone and download the Playstation app. After downloading, sign in to your account. 
  2. Open the main menu, choose “Connect To PS4,” and give the app permission to access your device’s location and data. 
  3. Turn on your PS4, then go to “Settings” and “PlayStation App Connection.”
  4. Choose the option to add a device and enter the given code to your phone. 
  5. Click “OK,” and now your phone and PS4 are linked. 

7. Can You Connect Your PS4 To Bluetooth?

Yes, the PS4 supports Bluetooth services for hardware, but you must pair the device with your system to use it. The controllers and other accessories use Bluetooth to function. 

8. Can You Use A PS4 Without Internet Connection?

The PS4 can function with a LAN cable if there’s no wifi, and you can also continue to enjoy the video games without an internet connection. 

However, you need the internet to download the patch updates of your games. If you can’t download these updates, it may affect your gameplay in the long run

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