What Should I be Doing at 19

What Should I be Doing at 19?

If you’re 19 years old and you may be struggling with what you should be doing, there is no definitive answer. Each of us comes with different paths, and there will be various things that we can be doing at a certain age.

Though we may have different paths you take at 19, each must be well equipped with skills and knowledge that makes us do better things in life. A 19-year-old person must be able to know life skills that would be very helpful in work and even for personal growth.

Things that a 19-year-old Should Do

There is no size one fits all when it comes to the things that a 19-year-old should be doing. However, at that particular age, there must be things that they must be capable of doing; read more details below.

What Should I be Doing at 19

1. Budgeting

One of the life skills that a 19-year-old should be capable of doing is budgeting. This is very important as many 19 years olds cannot budget their expenses.

This is important as it will teach you how to prioritize your needs over wants.

2. Workload Management

Being able to manage your work is essential to finishing a task on time. There might be a problem when one does not know how to juggle their time correctly.

You typically get messed up when it comes to work or school deadlines due to a lack of workload management. Being able to manage your workload will help you get organized and finish the task on time.

3. Knowledgeable about Current Issues

It is very important to be knowledgeable about all the things that are happening. This will give you insights about what are the things that you should be worried about and how to prepare for them.

Being able to know the current issues makes you aware of your environment and your society as a whole.

4. Live in an Apartment Independently

At the age of 19, you must be able to live independently in an apartment or share it with a roommate. You must be able to manage your expenses when it comes to apartment bills and be able to have a decent relationship with your roommate.

You must be able to resolve problems privately and share costs and other responsibilities.

What Should I be Doing at 19

5. Communicate Effectively

Being able to communicate effectively is an asset that a 19-year-old must have. Being an effective communicator allows one to be understood in different environments, may it be at work, apartment or school.

You must know how to deliver your thoughts effectively. Also, it would be best if you communicate with your family without being reminded to do so.

What Should I be Doing at 19

6. Seek Medical Help

If you are living independently, knowing prescriptions and using the health care is essential as there may come a time that they will be needed. Also, you must be able to understand how to seek medical help by knowing how to consult a doctor, go to the emergency room, and follow the doctor’s medical instructions without asking a guide from your parents.

What Should I be Doing at 19

7. Prepare for A Job Interview

If you want to live independently, you must know how to find a job to sustain your needs. In doing so, you must prepare for a job interview to get hired. Preparation is very important for both online and actual interviews.

Make sure that you can answer the questions well and that you are confident in answering the questions that will be asked.

What Should I be Doing at 19

8. Make Travel Arrangements

When you are 19, you should know how to travel and make travel arrangements. Suppose there will be problems when it comes to travel arrangements. You must be able to fix and change them without asking for guidance from your mom.

What Should I be Doing at 19

9. Knows Banking Transactions

At 19, you must know how to do banking transactions as it will be needed with your work. This banking transaction includes withdrawal, deposits, transfers, monitoring your balances, and paying your bills.

10. Take Good Care of Yourself

When living independently, you must know how to listen to your body. If you are tired, then take a rest, do not force yourself to do more than what your body can be capable of doing since you will abuse your health.

Make sure to exercise, eat and drink healthy, and take extra care of yourself when sick.

Here’s a video advice for every 19 years old:


Is a 19-year-old considered a teenager?

Yes, someone between 13 to 19 years old is called a teenager.

Is a 19-year-old considered grown up?

Legal adulthood can be attained at the age of 18. If you are 19, you are legally an adult; however, this may vary by legal rights, country, and psychological development.

Is it reasonable to have a baby at the age of 19?

Experts say that the best age to have a baby is between the late 20s and early 30s.

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