What Does The Black Moon Emoji Mean

What Does The Black Moon Emoji Mean?

The Black Moon’s face can be interpreted as very suggestive. It is sometimes used in text to express sarcasm when delivering a message.

It can also convey awkwardness or embarrassment about whatever topic you’re chatting about currently. Sometimes, it can also be used when talking about inappropriate topics.

Other individuals interpret this emoji as something to use during invitations for raunchy activities. It is widely used in K-pop fanfiction to serve this purpose exactly.

Black Moon Emoji

The Black Moon emoji is a circular dark circle with a face. The face’s expression has a slight smirk while the eyes look towards the side of the emoji.

It has different names in different places. You may hear it be called the Dark Moon Face, Creepy Moon, or New Moon with Face.


The emoji was invented in 1999 by a Japanese designer named Shigetaka Kurita. It wasn’t very popular for several years until messaging applications like Yahoo Messenger were used.

People used emoticons as well before the invention of emojis. Emoticons are a combination of keyboard characters that look like faces.

These emoticons serve the same purpose as emojis do today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many emojis are there?

Emojis are different depending on the device or application you’re using. Android users may have a different look at emojis compared to Apple users.

It also depends on the social media platform. Emojis on Instagram Direct may be different from Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Messenger.

In total, there are around 3363 emojis people can choose from. These aren’t all faces and emotions; some emojis are food and things.

How many emojis should you use in one message?

The purpose of emojis is to convey emotion through the text, which can be difficult to do with words alone. It can signify different subliminal meanings or emotions.

The common practice is to use one emoji at the end of the message. This emoji at the end should be a determiner of the whole mood of the message.

You may use a combination of emojis as well. These are reserved for more complex messages, which may be hard to type.

How many people use emojis?

Over 90% of the population online uses emojis across different messaging platforms. It is estimated that over 10 billion emojis are sent each day.

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