What Does Red Line Around Facebook Comment Mean

What Does Red Line Around Facebook Comment Mean?

Have you ever tried posting a comment on Facebook, and it suddenly had red lines around it? Sometimes, you may also see it with red exclamation marks.

Many factors may have caused it to go like that, so read ahead to find out more about this Facebook problem.

The Meaning Behind The Red Line Around Facebook Comments

The red line around your Facebook comment most likely signifies that it did not deliver successfully. Your data or internet connection may also be insufficient to post it.

In some cases, this red line can also indicate that the owner of the Facebook post has blocked you or has limited who can comment on their posts.

However, as Facebook became popular, people became dependent and abusive in using it. Facebook then established community guidelines that block people from using its features for a certain period.

In this case, your comment will have red lines if it contains profanity and other inappropriate content. It may have words or phrases, such as offensive and swear words, which violate Facebook’s guidelines.

It can become considered or reported spam. You can check out this video above to know more about Facebook’s community guidelines regarding spam comments!


1. Why Does My Comment Fail To Post?

Your comment will fail to post if you have a slow or no internet connection. You may also have temporary data or cache problems in your browser.

You can fix this issue by clearing the cache and temporary data. You can find these on your web browser’s preferences or settings.

2. What Can’t I Post Comments On My Friend’s Posts?

Your friend may have adjusted their privacy settings and restricted everyone from posting or commenting on their timeline and posts. You can still view everything they publish, but you will not be able to engage with it.

Also, your posts will not be visible if you tag them unless they accept your tag request.

3. Why Can’t I Post Comments Or Like Facebook Posts?

Facebook users can turn off likes and comments, making you unable to interact with their posts. Aside from that, you might have done annoying and abusive actions, making Facebook block you from using its primary features.

4. Why Can’t I See Comments On Facebook?

Facebook comments are usually in public. Anyone inside and outside this SNS will be able to view comments.

However, some places, such as government agencies and strict companies, block Facebook domains and applications from their respective servers. They will not then see the comments from areas blocked by their companies.

5. Will Your Comments Disappear If You Deactivate Your Facebook Account?

Once you deactivate your Facebook account, all your likes, shares, comments, posts, and everything connected to you will disappear. They will seem like they never existed.

Nonetheless, your conversations on messenger will still be present in your friend’s inbox. They can still view it, but there will not be profile photos, and they cannot click your account.

6. How Do You Report An Abusive Comment On Facebook?

If you receive an abusive or annoying comment on Facebook, you can report it by pressing it. You can see the “Find support or report comment” option and click the problem you have encountered.

The comment will disappear afterward. Facebook will report the abuse and ban the abusive user.

7. What Does The Red Line Around Facebook Stories Mean?

Like Facebook comments, your story will have a red line if your internet connection is insufficient to post it. The file size may also be too big to upload.

In this case, you can click the red exclamation point to either retry or delete the Facebook story. If it still does not work, there is an issue with your Facebook application.

8. What Does The Red Exclamation Point On Messenger Mean?

You may be experiencing network problems if there is a red exclamation point on your messenger. It also means your message has failed to deliver or the receiver blocked you.

If not, there may be problems with your messenger app. You can try fixing it by deleting the cache, uninstalling and reinstalling it, or restarting your phone.

9. If You Find Red Lines On Facebook, Does It Mean The Users Blocked You?

Finding red lines on Facebook features does not always mean the users blocked you. Some chances are the user or Facebook may have deleted, restricted, or terminated their accounts.

However, if other people can interact with them and you cannot, they have potentially blocked you.

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