What Does “Bookmarked Here For Unread Messages” Mean?

This bookmark notification is seen when you open your messaging app.

Apps like Messenger and WhatsApp sometimes have this notification.

It also happens frequently on Samsung phones.

This article will discuss the meaning behind this “bookmarked for unread messages” notification.

What Does This Notification Mean?

What Does “Bookmarked Here For Unread Messages” Mean

This notification will always come along with one message line.

This notification is actually a reminder.

Your phone is telling you that you might have missed a message.

That’s why your [Messaging App] is giving you this notification along with one message.

This notification is one of the new features given by the new Samsung Updates.

However, this feature suffered some backlash from Samsung users due to it being annoying and irrelevant.

People have been asking how to turn off this notification.

How do I turn it off?

Unfortunately, we have vague answers for this question.

There is one mention on Reddit telling how to turn this off.

You need to go to [Settings] and find the [Bookmark] settings.

  • Open [Settings]
  • Find [Bookmark Provider]
  • Turn it off or disable it.

Note: This is for a Samsung Phone Model.


What Is A “Bookmark”?

In electronic messaging, bookmarking is something you can do to easily remember and recall an important message.

Bookmarking is also known as Starring Message/Starred Message.

On your messaging app, you can bookmark a message and it will be saved somewhere inside the [Option Key] of the app.

In most messaging apps, the [Option Key] is represented by [3 Vertical Dots].

How To Bookmark A Message?

To bookmark a message, you first need to find a chat message.

  • Press and Hold on the chat message you want to bookmark
  • A [Bookmark] or [Star Message] option will appear.
  • Click on the option
  • Now the message is bookmarked and can be found in the [Bookmarked Section] or [Starred Messages Section] inside your app.

How to Bookmark a Text Message on SamsungS20 and SamsungS20+

Where Can I Find My Bookmarked Messages?

Bookmarked messages are found on the [Bookmarked Section] or [Starred Section] in your [App Option Key].

Follow these steps below to find your starred or bookmarked messages.

  1. Open your Messaging App.

Messaging Apps are apps like [WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Telegram, etc.]

Some messaging apps don’t have the bookmark feature.

  1. Find the [Option Key] inside your messaging app.

The [Option Key] is often represented by 3 vertical dots or 3 dash lines.

It is also the key which you need to click before you can access the settings menu of your messaging app.

  1. Find the [Bookmark Section] or [Starred Messages]
  2. Inside here, you can find all the chat messagesyou bookmarked.

Some apps will limit the amount of messages you can bookmark.

The limit is usually around 100 chat messages.

If you have reached the limit, you will not be able to bookmark anymore messages.

You need to unbookmark some of the chat messages so that you can bookmark new messages.

Why Is There No Bookmark Option In My Phone?

Some Messaging Apps do not have the bookmark option.

Some phone models might also affect this feature, causing it to not work.

You can try using other messaging apps, maybe it will have the bookmark feature.

How Do I Get Rid Of This Bookmark Notification?

There is no general answer to this question.

Some users mention that you can turn off bookmarking in the settings of your app.

However, some argue that there is no option in the bookmark section that can be used to turn this notification off.

Here is a list of things you can do that might help get rid of this notification:

  • Reinstalling the app
  • Clearing the app cache and app data
  • Turning off the bookmark feature (if available)
  • Not updating your phone
  • Rolling back to the previous update
  • Clearing or deleting your entire message chat
  • Logging out and logging back into the message app

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What Apps Have The Bookmark Feature?

The bookmark feature is present in apps like Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, and other popular messaging apps.

Note that [Lite] apps such as messenger lite might not contain the bookmark feature.

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