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What is it?

Weight Loss or Diet coaching is similar to life coaching, but with a coach who specialises in helping people lose weight. Some coaches are also personal trainers who will help you exercise, but in most cases your coach will be there to listen to you and encourage you to reach your weight loss goals.

It is not counselling or therapy, which deal with healing the past.

Coaching is about helping you to make choices to shape your future.

What will it do for me?

Obviously you’ll lose weight, but the benefits go much deeper than that.

Your coach is a trained professional who will help you to discover the reasons behind your excess weight. Your confidence, motivation and self esteem will go up as your weight goes down. You may experience improvements in every area of your life.

Your coach may also help you make changes in other areas of your life, such as career and relationships.

How does it work

You make an appointment to speak to your coach each week on the telephone (some coaches also work face to face or by email). In between sessions you make a commitment to particular actions (eg the number of times you will take exercise), and you report back on these actions at the next session. This extra accountability makes it much more likely that you will do what you say you will.

You coach will help you find the weight loss plan that suits you. This is a personalised service which will be designed exclusively for you.

How is it different from other weight loss programs?

Life coaching for weight loss is very different from other ways to lose weight that you might have tried because:

Information supplied by:
Joanne Mallon, weight loss coach and NLP Practitioner.

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