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Vivation is the skill of integration. It is a safe and pleasurable technique that effectively resolves the emotional conflicts that cause the tension and stress in our bodies.

The word Vivation is derived from the Latin for life. It means the process of embracing life fully. Jim Leonard created the Vivation process in California in 1979. After investigating numerous personal growth methods, he developed the means for causing integration and therefore emotional resolution at will.

Because Vivation works entirely at the feeling level, it has no religious or psychological counterpart. This means it works just as well for Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists as it does for atheists. Whoever or whatever you are, Vivation will increase your relaxation, your enthusiasm, your courage and your self-esteem.

Although Vivation is a single skill, it has five component parts. When all five components are present, integration occurs in every case. There is no feeling - emotional or sensational - that will not integrate with the focused application of the Five Elements.

The Five Elements of Vivation are:
1. Circular Breathing
2. Complete Relaxation
3. Awareness in Detail
4. Integration into Ecstasy
5. Do whatever you do - Willingness is Enough

The First Element, ‘Circular Breathing’, means breathing in a way that enhances the energetic connections within our bodies. Circular Breathing re-energizes the patterns of energy that have been suppressed, making them stand out enough for us to experience them in detail. Skilful use of this element makes it possible for us to develop an energy-level rapport with such suppressed patterns of energy. Thus it becomes easier both for us to focus on them and to relate to them in a more positive way.

The Second Element is ‘Complete Relaxation’. Since integration is always a relaxation, this element supports the resolution of all suppressed feelings. As we relax, we cease to fight, and thus the resistance that has kept the feeling from our awareness is removed.

‘Awareness in Detail’ forms the Third Element of Vivation, and is in many ways the essence of the process. Even when the other elements become automatic, as they will do with practice, our focus remains on exploring the details of our feelings. In order to integrate anything, we must first be aware of it.

The Fourth Element is ‘Integration into Ecstasy’. This means changing the context in which we hold the feeling. If we can embrace the possibility that there may be something good in what we have previously made wrong, or realize that what we're feeling is not infinitely bad, this is sufficient to cause integration.

‘Do Whatever You Do - Willingness is Enough’ is the Fifth Element. This is about developing an enthusiastic readiness to feel and integrate our feelings. Instead of focusing on the process, it's about concentrating on the sensations in our bodies instead. The fact is we need neither special circumstances nor any particular procedure to integrate something. We cannot do this wrong. If we are willing to integrate, that willingness is all we need.

Each of the Five Elements represents an individual skill. All of us already possess some ability in each of these areas. For example, we can all breathe, and to some extent or another we can all relax. But as with any skill, our facility with all of the elements can be developed with practice and proper learning.

Vivation can only be learned experientially. Each element comprises a substantial body of knowledge but the knowledge needs to be internalised in order to practise Vivation with consistent success. This is because everything in Vivation happens at the feeling level. We can talk endlessly about feelings but all such talk is an intellectual exercise. There is no substitute for experiencing feelings at the level at which they occur, and it is only in this realm where they can be properly integrated.

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