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The Transformation Game


The Transformation Game began thirty years ago at the Findhorn Foundation, a thriving international spiritual community in Scotland which welcomes over 14,000 visitors from more than 70 countries every year. The original version of the Game, known as The Planetary Game, involves 20-120 people moving across a life-size board and is still played at Findhorn every four years to give guidance to the Foundation. This version was then condensed into a board game which allowed players to move through seven levels with the help of two facilitators; you can still play this version, called The Game of Transformation, at Findhorn in the form of three or seven day programmes.


Many of Findhorn’s programmes include playing the Transformation Game, as it is so fundamental in understanding what our vision for our life really is and in giving us the insight necessary to reach it. As demand grew to play the Game outside Findhorn, Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake, who developed the Game, decided the next step was to produce a version that could be played with greatly simplified rules and be sold commercially. This box game version with four levels can be bought mail order or in specialist shops and is now played all over the world with up to four players, with or without a trained Game Facilitator.

Facilitated Games

Playing the Game with a Facilitator takes the whole experience to another level. A Findhorn-trained facilitator uses a much more complex set of rules which are closer to the original version of the Game. As a rule, the Game requires a level of honesty and self-disclosure that make it best played with people you would happy to open up with. A Facilitator will always ask for a confidentiality agreement before starting any Game. The Facilitator holds a safe space which allows you to go much deeper and gives guidance and support as you process the issues that arise for you on your life path. A facilitated Game usually takes a day or a weekend and can be played with between two and four players.

How does the Game work?

Your Game begins as you set your intention or Playing Focus, which may reflect any area of concern such as 'I intend to release my fear of intimacy' or 'I intend to clarify my life purpose’ or 'I intend to remove my blocks to financial prosperity'. With this intention in your mind you then fill your Personal Unconscious Envelope using various decks of cards, including Angels, Insights and Setbacks. Once play begins you incarnate on the Physical level and begin to move along your lifepath, mapped out as a series of different squares, by rolling a di in the time-honoured manner of all board games. Each square requires you to make different choices which may test, among other things, your Free Will, your Intuition, your concept of Service or your level of Appreciation. As a consequence you may be asked to pull out Setbacks, Insights or Angels from your Unconscious Envelope and to deal with the issues that come up. Setbacks are usually accompanied by pain which is then cleared with awareness.

What can I expect from a Game?

As you travel through the Game on the Physical Level you fill a scorecard which enables you to move up in turn to the Emotional, Mental and the Spiritual Level; the level where you spend a lot of your time usually reflects the area where you are most blocked and how you move from one level to the next can be very illuminating. For example in one Game I facilitated, a Player whose Focus was to release blocks to expressing her Creativity spent most of her Game on the Physical Level. It turned out the key to her block was changing her nutrition, which showed up as the ‘nutrition’ awareness token. This realisation enabled her to come off anti-depressants, get in touch with her natural vitality and she has now started a drama course. What stops you moving up a level?

How does it reflect your life?

The symbolism of the Game is often stunningly accurate. In a game I facilitated recently a player needed to pick a Setback from her envelope and picked an Insight instead. Once she corrected this, her Setback read ’You are set back by your avoidance in the current situation’ – what’s more, her favourite way to avoid the issue was to concentrate on the positive! In another memorable Game I facilitated a Player who landed on Depression three times in six hours and, on the first two occasions, was 'rescued' by the other Player. The third time she refused to be rescued and decided to really look at the patterns of belief whose consequences kept leading her into depression. On her next turn the light bulbs came on; she had a huge shift in understanding and committed to a new way of reacting to the old triggers. She then threw the di and landed on a Miracle!

As a Transformation Game Facilitator I have laughed, cried, danced and sung, admired the full moon, shared hugs and watched the birth of wonderful new connections and relationships. It’s an unmissable experience and each Game is different because each of us is unique, yet when we share an experience like this, we emerge stronger, clearer, brighter, more inspired, empowered and more open to life.

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Nikki Wyatt, Accredited Transformation Game Facilitator

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