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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is the channelling of healing energies through the healer to the patient. It re-energises and relaxes the patients to enable their own natural resources to deal with illness or injury in the best possible way. By "attunement" - perhaps best described as a combinaltion of empathy and intent - either in the presence of the patient or at a distance - and by directing energy, usually through the hands, the healer seeks to supplement the depleted energy of the recipient, dealing with stress at whatever level it exists and releasing the body's own recuperative abilities to deal with the problem in the most effective way for that individual.

Patients receiving healing tend to experience sensations of being re-energised or relaxed, "pins and needles", heat or coolness, and pain coming to the surface and dispersing, indicating that the energies are indeed "going to work".

Healing can be given for any illness, stress or injury as a therapy which is completely natural, has no side effects and is complementary to any other therapy. It can be helpful in a wide range of physical and psychological conditions, sometimes to a remarkable degree: indeed the medically diagnosed nature of the illness appears to be irrelevant to the outcome, and case histories range from the trivial to the terminal in which healing seems to have made an important, perhaps even overriding, contribution to recovery. Aside from its value in relieving pain and restoring function, healing is also notable for initiating improvements in patients' attitudes and clarity of thought, and in their quality of life.

Is it necessary to have "Faith"?

No. Nothing special is asked of the patient exdcept perhaps openness to anything that happens and a degree of trust in the healer. An awareness of the need for change and the motivation to do so can also be helpful.

Does Spiritual Healing always work?

It is unusual for healing not to be helpful in some way. Sometimes one treatment is sufficient, but often several are needed and the benefits emerge gradually. With some patients a successful outcome to healing is obvious, but for some, change takes place at a more subtle level and sometimes in an unexpected way. Healing often helps with the speed and extent of recovery from serious illness and major survery and from the effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It works well with all forms of holistic medicine. Usually patients feel more stable and relaxed, and often experience a beneficial change to their attitude to life, a sitlualtion which often arises in cases of terminal illness where healing brings a sense of peace to the patient and to relatives and friends as well.

Can it do any harm?

Definitely not. There are rare occasions when the patient may "feel worse" before improving, but this is often a significant part of the healing process, signalling a release of stress which may have gone unrecognised.

Information supplied by:
Pat Smith, Chairperson of the North Kensington Healing Centre.
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