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Raja Yoga Meditation

Meditation, partly from the latin ‘mederi’ (to heal), has always been seen as a healer that penetrates to the roots of the variety of elements of ‘dis-ease’ of the human being. Though not guaranteeing any specific physiological or psychological disorder cures, the meditation of Raja Yoga (the King of Yogas, or Royal Yoga through which one attains Self Sovereignty), has been found to have whole health improvements.

The following two claims are not unusual.

American psychologist, Harold Streitfeld, had tried many types of meditation before commencing with Raja Yoga meditation. Suffering from a debilitating heart condition, that restricted any uphill walks to a snail’s pace, or often preventing any upstairs movement, Harold found a huge change. After a few months, without the help of drugs, he was prancing upstairs and walking briskly without gasping for breath, and he even danced to “I’m singing in the rain” on stage in front of an audience of two thousand just to prove he was fit.

This was his condition for about five years until he eventually did die. The combined effect of meditation, pure vegetarian diet and stress-reduced living probably all helped to heal and lengthen his life span.

English bank clerk, Joan, contracted severe rheumatoid arthritis – her whole body was in such pain that all she could do some days was to lie in bed. From having no control at all, she began to discover occasional relief. Not only that, she found that pain was less depressive and discovered a great deal of joy within herself despite the pain.

From being totally depressed and feeling hopeless, she has become a positive and benevolent teacher of meditation, treating her own condition with often an automatic detachment. She is now in her seventies and has travelled widely.

Raja Yoga meditation heals through a triple life-style shift, one being the proper use of mental energies, two being diet, three being karmic or action based.

It’s a pleasantly spiritual approach that begins where thoughts start – in the soul. There are no rituals, mantras, physical postures, chanting or gurus and is free of charge wherever you can find a branch of the Brahma Kumaris WSU.

Considering our current consciousness and lifestyles to be unbalanced and not at all our normal state, this is a meditation based on understanding, or on awareness, that aims to return the self to the natural, higher and comfortable state of the self.

A foundation course of about seven sessions, one and a half hours each, takes you through increasing steps of self-awareness, including self-knowledge, Supreme knowledge, karma philosophy, natural time patterns, etc., upon which the meditation is based.

It begins with the question, “Who am I?” and answers it in such a simple yet powerfully energy-shifting way, that instant results in the state of mind are the general rule.

One becomes relaxed instantly and students often report abilities to control negative traits, such as anger and ill feeling even from the first lesson. It is these mental shifts that positively influence the body condition, most of all.

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