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A Brief History of Magnotherapy

The use of magnets to give pain relief has been traced back more than 3000 years in china, with famous historical people like Cleopatra using magnetic load stones for various type of pain relief in Egyptian history.

In the Eastern World magnetic therapies have been used for centuries to treat recurring body pain. Recently in the Western World, it has been accepted as a valuable breakthrough in the relief of pain caused by variety of ailments.

We all get the benefits from the Earth's magnetic force. However, with giving this a boost by wearing a Magnotherapy product it can result in some outstanding benefits.

Whilst magnets themselves do not heal, the increased blood flow will reduce pain as well as carrying away toxins, plus it brings in white blood cells which help reduce swelling and inflammation.

Viewed as a non-invasive complimentary health product with no known adverse side effects, Magnotherapy is now being used by top-level sports personalities, famous actors and ordinary people everyday.

How Does Magnotherapy work?

As yet there is no recognised (in the UK) scientific proof but it is widely believed that magnetism aids blood flow by improving the circulation with oxygen and removing harmful toxins, thereby promoting the body's own natural ability to heal itself through healthy new cell growth. It is also thought to reduce the lactic acid produced whilst doing sport or other strenuous activities.

There are scientific reports due out later this year that prove magnets have an effect on a saline solution and as blood is mainly a saline solution this could be the scientific proof required why thousands of people throughout the world claim great benefits from using magnets to relieve pain.

What ailments have magnets been claimed to relieve?

There is an endless list. Some of the more common ailments claimed to respond to Magnotherapy are: Rheumatism, arthritis, headaches, poor blood circulation, cramp, joint pain, gout, most sports injuries, blood pressure (high or low), fatigue, insomnia and recovery from bone fractures plus many other ailments.

*Although it is possible magnets may help with the ailments mentioned above it is strongly recommend that you continue all medicines you are currently taking until advised differently by your doctor or your professional health practitioner.

Are Magnotherapy products safe for everyone?

Yes with a few exceptions which are as follows:
Anyone who has a heart pace maker, insulin pump or similar, or used by their sleeping partner.
Anyone who is pregnant or by their sleeping partner.
Anyone or their sleeping partner suffering from Epilepsy without first consulting their professional medical advisor.

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