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What is Emotional Energy Healing?

Emotional Energy healing is a relaxing bodywork technique and a powerful energy process.
It releases emotional and physical shocks that are held in the body helping to free us from physical pain, emotional suffering and psychological negativity. It works by using 24 different energy circuits. It involves a process of holding specific energy points and connecting them to the pulsebeat which in turn begins the process of releasing old energy blocks.

Negative emotional charges in the nervous system are brought to the surface and released. Deep insights into our behaviour patterns and our emotions can be gained.

What happens during a session?

Using a system of eye diagnosis it is determined which energy circuit needs attention. Specific music is used to resonate the particular energy circuit being treated. While the client lies down and relaxes, the practitioner holds specific energ y points which are related to that circuit, this releases energy from where it has been held since a trauma occurred ( often in early childhood).

Although events which happened in the past are no longer real, the memories are held like a video tape in our nervous system effecting the way we behave and relate. The Emotional Energy Healing technique releases shocks and pain from the body and cuts through the hold that negative thoughts have on our psyche, so we are no longer a victim of our unconscious mind.

What are the effects of treatment?

Emotional Energy Healing is not a miracle cure it is a down to earth scientific process which balances the emotions, relaxes the mind and renews the physical body. Many people who come for treatment feel emotionally blocked, stressed, or are encountering problems with intimacy and relating, others have an intention to ‘work on themselves’ or simply come out of interest.

Emotional Healing does not work by analysing the mind it goes straight to the root of problems such as depression, emotional anxiety, fear, doubt and unworthiness.

The results are profound and far reaching, physical tensions dissolve and past hurts and defenses carried for so many years are released and it becomes possible to open up to deep intimacy and friendship.

Often a new strength and confidence arises which transmits to peoples work, relationships, creativity and health.

Many feel empowered to be themselves and their relationships become more authentic and nourishing. This is simply because their energy is no longer locked up in various patterns of suffering.

Information supplied by:
Anna Moulsdale
Emotional energy healing practitioner
Tel: 020 8442 2588

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