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Clairvoyance actually translates to ‘clear seeing’.

It is seeing things that aren’t physically apparent to others.

It means that the person working with their clairvoyant ability will be able to see images of people, places or things in their minds eye to be able to describe to you during a reading. It does not necessarily mean they are fortune-tellers, or seers of the future. Most clairvoyants, in fact, prefer not fall under this category. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get some information about the future, but clairvoyance by definition just simply means, clear seeing, and not, seeing the future.

A good clairvoyant will, and indeed should, validate things for you that have happened in the past and things that are happening in your life at present, otherwise, how will you know or believe if what they are saying about the future holds any weight?

Most good clairvoyants will tend not to give too much future information, as it is believed that it is subject to change. Even though things are generally mapped out for us we still have free will and the ability to ‘change our fate’. For example, if a clairvoyant were to tell you they can see that you are going to meet someone abroad in two months time, it means that they can see that happening subject to the way you are leading your life at present. If you then go out and plan a holiday unexpectedly to try and make that happen, the chances are you won’t meet that person the clairvoyant saw for you, because you have ‘changed your own fate’, in a way, by arranging the holiday. It may have been that you would have met them via a business trip abroad that you now won’t be on, because you are away from work, on holiday!!

A clairvoyant medium is someone that communicates with the Spirit world and will be giving messages through what they are shown. A good clairvoyant medium, therefore, should be able to describe to you what someone used to wear or look like for example, or describe in quite good details a piece of jewellery or a particular flower they are being shown from Spirit etc.

Some clairvoyants can also read what they see in your aura, this may be colours or areas of energy imbalance, for example. Many clairvoyants will do tarot or crystal readings or use a crystal ball perhaps. They will be able to ‘see’ things in whichever tool they are using and will interpret these images to form the reading.

If you are someone that can make things out of the shapes in clouds or ‘see’ things that aren’t there, then you have a good clairvoyant ability that could be harnessed and worked with.

We all have an ability to work with our ‘other’ senses, clairvoyance is just one of them. Clairvoyance is your sense of inner sight. Try to make use of this (and other senses) when choosing which clairvoyant to go to!

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