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In a state of good health every cell in the human body is in constant communication with every other cell, physically and at an energic level.
Owing to the many causes of everyday stress – family, work, environmental – the free-flow of balanced communication within those cells, or systems is compromised.
Given that the brain alone has an estimated 1 trillion cells, and the body 50-75 trillion cells, it's hardly surprising that things can go badly wrong – and we are consciously, or not, aware of deteriorating emotional, mental, physical health. The bodymind is in a state of dis-ease.

Ideally, to heal these distorted lines of communication a person would engage the body’s own process; the body has innate intelligence – a cut finger is usually healed with no intervention – and will heal in its own time and according to its own priorities.
BodyTalk can rapidly accelerate and achieve this, where stressed body and mind are struggling owing to overload.

It is unique in that it uses biofeedback to select priorities from the BodyTalk Protocol, and tapping techniques to restore communication.
This is consciousness work: the observer - the observation - the observed... It is effective on animals and people (for some practitioners, plants), producing lasting, and sometimes dramatic, improvements for clients.

BodyTalk is practiced world-wide and taught in eight languages. Uniquely, its Protocol integrates with other professions or therapies, ensuring BodyTalk is developing particularly fast amongst practitioners who combine it seamlessly with those other systems.

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Sarah Corin
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