Is The Forest Game On Xbox One

Is The Forest Game On Xbox One?

The Forest is an open-world game that has a survival horror theme. It brings an intense experience, so you might love this game if you’re a horror and mystery fan.

If you’re interested in The Forest and question whether it is available on Xbox One, the answer is a direct no. Will it be coming to Xbox soon? There is a good chance, but there’s no confirmation.

Where can you play The Forest? The game is available on various platforms like Playstation, Windows, and Android. To know where you can buy this, visit Endnight, and you can also explore their official site for further information.

The Forest: Survival Game Guide

20 Beginners Tips for The Forest | Survival Game Guide

To cater to your interest, here’s how you can survive the game. For newcomers and those still getting used to the game, this would be an excellent recommendation.

Here are the 20 Tips given by Pitstop Head:

  1. Build a base around the plane. When you reload the game, the food will respawn too.
  2. The aircraft provides good defense.
  3. Be sure that you’re always on guard.
  4. Stone walls are best for dealing with mutants.
  5. Have a good supply of arrows ready.
  6. The light from skull lamps lasts forever.
  7. Go for headshots with your bow. Then burn cannibals and build a bone basket to collect the bones.
  8. Put drying racks and water collectors down. Build a water collector from turtle shells.
  9. Place large cabinets next to the plane for storing medicines and snacks that respawn.
  10. Use a log-full trap, and line it up with fences.
  11. Use a happy birthday trap. It can act as an alarm.
  12. Always take resources with you and be efficient while farming.
  13. Build stick-and-rock bags. Equip yourself with a pouch too,
  14. Cannibals can climb trees and jump into your base, so get rid of those near the walls.
  15. Get the map.
  16. Never run back to your grounds when a mutant is following you
  17. Use spears for fishing. Put them on drying rags.
  18. Use climbing ropes.
  19. Sleep at night. Cannibals will spawn faster at night.
  20. Use zip lines to travel fast.


1. What Can You Do In The Forest?

You can play The Forest in single player or multiplayer mode. You can do various tasks there, such as exploring caves, chopping trees, building a shelter, scavenging food, growing seeds, laying traps, crafting weapons or tools, fighting or hiding from enemies, and so on.

2. Does The Forest Support Cross-Platform Play?

Sadly, Xbox and PS4 don’t allow cross-playing for this game since it isn’t still available on Xbox. For PS4 and PS5, cross-platform support exists so that you can play it with others.

Lastly, for PC players and PS4 players, you can’t play the game together. It is best to play with friends using the same device to ensure that all of you can enjoy the experience.

3. When Will The Forest Come To Xbox?

The Forest Xbox One | Is The Forest Coming to Xbox One? | The Forest Xbox One Release Date?

According to the video above, The Forest will not be coming anytime soon on Xbox. All that one can do for now is wait for the developer’s decision and announcement.

4. What Games On Xbox One Are Similar To The Forest?

According to 50 Games Like, here are seven games that are similar to The Forest:

  1. FIve Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted
  2. Song of Horror
  3. Chernobylite
  4. Antarctica 88
  5. Alan Wake Remastered
  6. Murder House
  7. Forager

5. Is There A “The Forest 2” Coming Out?

The Sons of The Forest, as the sequel to The Forest, will come out this October 2022. If you’re an avid fan of The Forest, you can look forward to this.

Sons of The Forest already have trailers available on youtube, and you can look for them and see what the upcoming game will be like.

6. What Are The System Requirements Needed To Play Sons Of The Forest?

According to WHATIFGAMING, these are the minimum and recommended requirements:

  • Memory:4GB is the minimum, and 8 GB is the most suitable.
  • Graphics Card:A minimum of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, and the recommended is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970.
  • CPU:At least an Intel Core i3-2120, while the recommended is Intel Core i5-4460.
  • File Size:15 GB
  • OS:At least it should be Windows 7, and the recommended one is Windows 10.
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