Is Tekton Better Than Gearwrench

Is Tekton Better Than Gearwrench?

Both Tekton and Gearwrench are affordable, high-quality, and durable tools. Choosing one will be based on your preference or what you’ll be needing more.

Tekton has a wider range of sockets and ratchet sets, while the Gearwrench has more wrenches.

Unboxing Tekton Socket 3/8 Set

An aircraft mechanic made a video that contains the Tekton SKT15311 ⅜ socket set, as he goes on unboxing different tool pieces, which include:

  • Inch Drive 6-Point Socket and Ratchet Set, 30-Piece (1/4-1 in.)
  • Inch Drive 6-Point Socket and Ratchet Set, 38-Piece (6-24 mm)
  • Universal joint
  • 3-inch extension
  • 6-inch extension
  • 90-tooth ratchet
  • Breaker bar
  • Storage case

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Tekton Tools Manufactured?

Most Tekton products are made in Taiwan, about 74%). 21% of products made in the United States, 3% in Canada, 2% in China, and less than 1% are produced in other countries.

You can check the origin of every Tekton tool under their specs section.

Where Are Gearwrench Tools Manufactured?

Gearwrench products are manufactured in the Apex factory located in Taiwan and China. The ratcheting wrench sets are manufactured in the Taiwan factory, while long pattern wrench sets are manufactured in China.

How To Clean Sockets And Wrench?

You can follow these simple steps to clean your sockets and wrench. This is either for cleaning maintenance or rust buildup that needs remedy.

For Maintenance

After using the sockets and wrench, wipe them using a clean rag or brush them with an old toothbrush. Make sure that it’s spotless and that no dirt is visible as the dirt can build up, exposing the metal to moisture that can cause it to rust.

After cleaning them up, put them back in their case for the tools not to be exposed to dirt or damage.

Removing Rust Buildup

Don’t worry. The rust can still come off on your metal tools. Your tools get rust from having long exposure to oxygen and water (as the metal gets oxidized).

This rust starts to build upon the metal and damage it. Remove the rust with a brass wire brush on the rusted area.

Then use sandpaper for the remaining rust until no rust can be seen on the metal tool. Use a clean rag to polish after scraping the rust.

Removing Heavy Coating Of Rust

Here’s an easy homemade remedy you can use for scraping heavy coating of rust on your metal tools. In a large bucket, soak the sockets and wrench on a mixture of:

  • four tablespoons of salt
  • four cups of white vinegar
  • Leave for at least three days as rust doesn’t wear off that easily
  • Check the soaked tools every day to see if the rust has all come off, as leaving the mixture too long may wear off the chrome material in your tools
  • After the soaking, clean the metal tools with a metal brush
  • Wash, rinse, dry them, and keep them out from moisture

What Does Gearwrench Warranty Cover?

Gearwrench has a lifetime warranty on all products, except torque wrenches and accessories. On the other hand, Torque wrenches are covered within 90 days from purchase.

The products will be replaced or repaired if it meets the warranty criteria. But signs of normal wearing and tearing of the Torque product components from its usage are the customer’s sole responsibility.

Gearwrench lifetime warranty does not cover:

  • Accessory bits, bits, and bits sockets, taps, dies, files, and cutting tools – covered within 30 days from the purchase date

In addition, the Gearwrench warranty does not cover the purchased products that are reassembled, modified, altered, misused, abused, or unauthorized to repair.

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