How To Use Phone As Mic For Xbox One

How To Use Phone As Mic For Xbox One?

Believe it or not, you can use your phone as a mic for Xbox One.

This is actually a great idea because the mic on our phone usually has better quality.

Using the phone as a mic is also convenient.

It is a very simple process.

You just need to follow the steps below.

Using Phone as Mic for Xbox

  1. On your phone, go to the app store or play store.
  2. Download [Xbox]
  3. Open the Xbox app and sign in with your Xbox credentials and Xbox account.
  4. After signing in, click on the [three people icon] somewhere in the top right corner.
  5. Click on [Start a party].
  6. All you need to do now is either join other people’s parties or invite your friends.
  7. You can now talk to your friends in your party.

The downside for this method is that you cannot talk on lobby chats.

The mic will only work on parties.


How To Use A Phone Like A Mic On Xbox?

Not possible.

This is not allowed by Microsoft.

Only headsets and controllers are allowed to be plugged or connected to the Xbox.

The only way to communicate on Xbox using a phone is by using the Xbox app.

I Can Hear My Friends But They Can’t Hear Me On Xbox?

There is something wrong with your mic.

Try unplugging it and reconnecting.

If it still doesn’t work we recommend buying another one.

Most headsets have a very short lifespan and are easily damaged.

Make sure you buy a high-quality headset.

If you cannot get a new headset, your only option would be to download the Xbox app on your phone.

Using the Xbox app, you can join your friends’ parties and talk to them.

However, you cannot talk to people who are not in your party, this includes players in lobbies or public domains.

Why Is My Xbox Mic Not Working?

There are two reasons why it’s not working.

Maybe it is damaged and needs replacement.

Or maybe it is disabled in the settings.

To enable mic you need to:

  1. Go to [Settings]
  2. Go to [Devices And Streaming]
  3. Choose [Accessories]
  4. Select the [3 Dots Icon]
  5. If needed, you might need to update the firmware.
  6. Click on the firmware, the select [Update Now]
  7. Wait for the update to finish

Next Steps:

  1. Go Back To [Settings]
  2. Go to [Ease Of Access]
  3. Go to [Audio]
  4. Press [Mono Output]

How To Unmute Xbox?

You need to navigate to [settings] – [ease of access]–

Inside audio you can find the option to mute or unmute speakers.

Can I Connect My Phone Using Usb Cord To Xbox And Then Use It As Mic?

No, you cannot.

This is against Microsoft policy.

Microsoft will not trust something manageable like a phone to be connected or have direct connection with their devices.

People might tamper with the Xbox.

This is also very dangerous to both the Xbox and the phone.

Attempting to tamper with the Xbox system will suspend warranty.

It might also cause the Xbox to misbehave and be damaged.

The phone can also be damaged.

To be safe, you should only use the headset or controller as your mic (cable connected).

Phone as mic is also applicable but only using the app.

If I Use Phone As Mic On Xbox, Do I Need Wifi?

Yes. You need wifi.

The app needs to connect to the Xbox server, otherwise it would be completely useless.

Just like the Discord app, it needs to be connected separately.

It’s like being on a phone call while also playing video games.

How To Talk On Lobbies Using The Xbox Phone App?

You can’t.

The Xbox phone app is limited only to party chats and talks.

In order to talk in public lobbies or public domains, you need a mic connected either directly or externally.

This is only possible using the headset and controller mic.

What If I Don’t Have A Phone Or Headset, How Do I Talk To People On Xbox?

Don’t worry, most controllers have built-in mics.

You simply need to clear things up in the settings and make sure the device is set up properly.

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