How to Search Instagram Hashtags by Date

How to Search Instagram Hashtags by Date

In searching hashtag by date on Instagram, type the ampersand sign and the keyword you were searching for on the search box. Once you’re in, click the “Recent” section. You’ll be able to see the recent posts that use the hashtag.

Alternatively, you may also use a website tool to search Instagram hashtags by date. You put the body of the hashtag as your primary keyword and then a shortened hashtag, or the ampersand sign, as a necessary keyword.

Additionally, you will trigger to pull up any public hashtag mentions from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

How to Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram

In searching for multiple hashtags on Instagram, the first step is to open a web browser and type the following address into

Afterward, enter the hashtags you want by pressing the space numerous times. You may use as many hashtags as you like by separating them with multiple spaces.

When you click search, it will reveal all of the hashtags you looked for. It’s the only way to search for numerous hashtags.

How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Maximum Exposure

This video will discuss the super-secret recipe for getting your material noticed more frequently, gaining more followers, making more purchases, and sticking around until the finish.

Hashtags are Instagram’s secret sauce, but how many should you use? What should you do with them? Which ones should you utilize?

You may put up to 30 hashtags, and if you go higher, it does not appear in search results. But, your first 30 are free to use in any way you see fit.

Use as many as you can strategically and in relevance to your business, but it’s recommended that you should use at least 15 to 20. Some people believe it’s a lot of hashtags, and it isn’t easy to come up with that many.

The Formula in Picking the Right Hashtag

To determine how popular a hashtag is, you should integrate many hashtags. On Instagram, go to the magnifying glass and start entering a hashtag.

It will tell you how many posts are related to each of those hashtags in the search results. So you’ll want to choose three to five popular hashtags.

By popular, it may mean postings with tens of thousands to tens of millions of views for a given hashtag. Anything over a million becomes irrelevant to you because it’s so saturated with content that the only thing you’re going to attract are spambots, which you don’t want.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find a certain Instagram post?

To find a specific Instagram post, use the search box at the top of the app. When you enter a search term, Instagram will show you posts with that hashtag or phrase in their caption.

You may also search for posts from a specific account by using the @ sign.

How do you see Instagram posts in chronological order?

By touching on the three lines in the top left-hand corner of your profile page, you may modify the order of your Instagram feed. Then, hit “Feed Preferences,” and you’ll get a range of options for how to see your posts.

To display posts in chronological order, select “Most Recent.”

How can you look for dates on Instagram?

Launch the app and tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to find dates on Instagram. Enter the person’s name into the search box and choose them from the results list.

If you want to see their postings from a certain time, go to the menu bar at the top of the page and select “Date Range.”

How can I view my oldest Instagram posts?

Go to the first post and scroll down to the bottom to view your first Instagram postings. You should be able to pick “First Posts” after tapping “See All.”

How do you view your first Instagram post without scrolling?

You can see your first post when you click on the “Profile” button at the bottom of the app, then pick “Posts” from the top of your profile.

Is there an advanced search option on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram has an advanced search feature. Go to the app’s search bar and press the magnifying glass to utilize it.

Then, select the Advanced Search option. You may then look for postings based on their location, hashtag, or username.

Can Instagram search be filtered?

Yes, Instagram search results may be filtered by location, username, and hashtag.

How to search Twitter hashtags by date?

In searching hashtags by date on Twitter, you need to use the ampersand sign, type the word you want to search next to it, and press the Enter button.

In the upper left corner, there’s a section named “Latest.” Click on it, and you’ll see the most recent posts that use the hashtag you were searching for.

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