How to Respond to What's Good

How to Respond to What’s Good

“What’s good?”

You might hear this question every day, even greeting strangers on the street. Since it has become so casual, sometimes you toss a polite response to the one asking.

For some, it is awkward to be in such a situation that their minds become rattled. And the last thing that they don’t want to happen is to come as someone ill-mannered.

Have you ever tried to look at the meaning and motive of this question? Once you have considered it, every encounter will be a delightful one.

How To Respond To “What’s Good?”

There are three different situations in this video where one might ask you this question. Let me guide you through the list on how to respond to each.

1. When It Means “What Are You Doing?”

When someone calls and asks you this question, they probably want to know if you are free. Maybe, this person has a favor to request or wants to enjoy a chat with you.

If you are free, you could tell them, “Nothing much. What’s going on?”

But if you have a lot to do at that time, you can be honest to them, saying, “I’m a little busy. Do you mind if we could talk later?”

And when you have your free time, remember to phone them and continue your chat.

Your answer will depend on how busy are you at the moment.

2. When It Means “What Have You Been Up To?

When someone you have not seen for a long time asks you this question, they probably want to be updated on what happened since the last time you met.

You might want to share some highlights, starting with, “I’ve been up to….” For instance, “I’ve been working a lot. Also, I visited my family in Korea a few months ago. How about you?”

There could also be sad occasions you might want to share.

For example, “I’ve been visiting my relative in the hospital. The doctor told us that she was under so much stress….”

It’s okay to be vulnerable as long as you are comfortable telling people your story.

Also, if you wanted to keep it short or not in the position to entertain questions, you could simply answer, “I haven’t been doing much.”

3. When It Means “Hello”

When someone poses you this question as a quick greeting, you might want to keep your answers short, like “Nothing much. And you?”

This video enumerates some exciting ways to respond if you want to show your quirky personality instead of being serious.

Show off your humor through these answers:

4. “My serotonin levels after seeing you, my friend.”

Serotonin is also known as “happy hormones.” It is associated with your elevated mood and calm composure.

This phrase simply means that you feel better after meeting your friend.

5. “Why? What did you hear?”

This response is meant to be understood as a joke. It is as if you are a celebrity, and news about you is everywhere.

6. “Not my salary, unfortunately.”

If you are not afraid of small talk, this response can be a starter since it is very relatable.

It could be other events like the weather or the place you are at. It could also be at an emotional level, including your anxiety and stress levels.

However, if you want to respond, do it with sincerity and respect. Meaningful conversations are rare, especially in this busy world we live in.

Your response may be an encouragement to them and could make their day.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Meaning of “What’s Good?”

“What’s good?” simply means “What’s up?” “Hello,” “How are you?” or “What have you been up to?”

It is often used to greet, connect and catch up with people.

What Are Some Ways To Greet Someone

How to Respond to What's Good

There are a lot of phrases you can use to greet someone and sound as natural as possible.

Here’s a quick list of alternatives to “Hi” or “Hello”:

  • How’s it going?
  • How’s life?
  • Nice to see you
  • Good morning. / Good afternoon. / Good evening.
  • It’s good to see you again.
  • What’s new?

On the other hand, you can use gestures to greet someone.

People follow certain practices in their respective cultures and countries to politely say “Hello.”

Western countries commonly use handshakes. While others bump their noses, clap their hands, or bow to each other.

How To Respond To Someone Not Okay

How to Respond to What's Good

To initiate a dialogue is an act of bravery. But sometimes, your armor gets brittle when the person is not actually fine and feels uncertain about responding.

So instead of avoiding these kinds of circumstances, be prepared and extend a helping hand.

Here is some advice for responding to someone who is barely hanging.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Would you like to talk about it?”

Let the person feel respected and assured that you are willing to listen to their stories.

Ask this calmly so that the person might not feel pressured to open up to you.

“I can understand why that makes you feel that way.”

Put yourself in the person’s situation. And recognize their emotions and experience.

You may be a man of few words, but your presence means a lot to them.

Listening is also an act of kindness.

Rather than providing solutions, try asking some questions.

It will help them to process what’s happening.

You might encounter people who are suffering from mental health problems. It might be better to understand mental health before taking action.

It is crucial to be sensitive about the situation.

If the person is thinking about suicide, you can guarantee that help and online support are available.

There are a lot of ways to maintain positive mental health.

People can engage in sports or physical activities. People can manage their schedules to get enough sleep.

People can go to gatherings or clubs to connect with their family and friends. Also, some might need professional help.

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