How To Respond To “Let’s Keep In Touch

How To Respond To “Let’s Keep In Touch.”

“Let’s keep in touch” is an idiom. If you hear someone say this to you. It implies that they want to keep communicating with you.

When two people part ways, one or the other may say this phrase, implying that even though the distance will separate them, they will still keep communicating.

Not only does this apply to farewell situations but also to business or professional messages too.

The question is; how do we respond to this message?

Let’s find out!

How To Respond To “Let’s Keep In Touch

The answer goes like this.

Scenario 1

If you want to keep in touch or communicate with the person, you can reply.

“Yes, I will.”

“Will Do.”

“For sure.”

“Thanks, I will.”

“Definitely, let me give you my number.” Then you give them your contact number.

Scenario 2

If you are somewhat unsure, then you can reply with the following.

thumbs up.


“Okay, thanks.”

Scenario 3

If you have no intention of communicating again, reply with the following words.

“Thanks, goodbye.”

“Okay bye.”

Regarding Formalities

A formal tone in communication is used in professional settings like work, business, speech, meetings, etc.

The words mentioned in the scenarios above are ideal when responding to the phrase “let’s keep in touch” for both formal and informal situations.

It is important to note that in formal situations, respect must be upheld.

You may go creative and say some words of your own, but they must be delivered properly, with the right tone, grammar, punctuation, etc.

Regarding Informalities

Informal tone of communication is much looser and a bit more personal than its counterpart.

When you respond in an informal tone, then some standards can be disregarded.

This all depends on the relationship you have with the person.

Note that the tone of respect attached to the reply will be causally linked and relative to your relationship with the person.

If you are responding to a close friend of yours, the respect and delivery of the message can be more flexible.

But in situations wherein it is informal, but the relationship you have with the person is still shallow, or that you had just met the person, it is essential to keep your reply within the standard norm.

You can keep the informality but try not to say it in a bad manner to people who are not that intimate with you.

JD McCrary – Keep in Touch


Back when people graduated high school, they often used this phrase to their buddies and colleagues whom they would separate ways with.

The game somewhat changed around 2004 with the invention of Facebook.

With Facebook, the world became an easier place for people to communicate, so the relevance of this phrase dwindled around that time.

Soon enough, other sites besides Facebook emerged and became popular, contributing to the drop in the relevance of the phrase.

However, it remained prominent within the business and professional areas.

Both employer and employees, to this day, still use this phrase due to its convenience and relevance to formality.

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