How To Reply To A Comment On Tiktok

How To Reply To A Comment On Tiktok

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok, you’ve probably realized that videos are only one aspect of the platform. You use TikTok to watch others solve challenges and dance, but you need to read the comments if you want to understand the platform.

Surely, you’ll find a lot of intriguing things once you get there. Observations on the video itself are amusing as everything is in the comments area, and you might find yourself eager to participate in the conversation.

Fortunately, doing so is fairly simple. Read more to find out, as this article aims to show you how to reply to a comment on TikTok so that you can be more involved with your audience!

Replying To Comments On TikTok

The speaker first states in a very monotonous fashion that if you find someone’s comment you want to reply to on TikTok, you have the means to do so. You have to follow their steps on how to reply to one of the comments.

Additionally, you can run through what everyone is talking about in the video after you’ve arrived at the comment section. Do note that some comments might have already received replies.

Touch on the comment you wish to respond to; write your response.

This will prompt you to type your response in a text field. If the text box says “Reply to _” before you start typing, you’ve done it right.

How To Post Video Comment Replies On TikTok

This video starts with an intro about the channel. The speaker is named Jessica, and she will be demonstrating how to add video comment replies on TikTok if you are interested in doing so.

Here are some of the steps that you need to follow to post video comment replies on TikTok:

  • Tap the comment you’d want to respond to.
  • You’ll see a video camera icon on the left side of the field if you can respond with a video. Select that icon. You can also reply to a comment by pressing and holding it.
  • As usual, record your video.
  • You can link the comment that your video responds to that video if you want. Anyone who watches your video separately will be able to see what you’re replying to.
  • As usual, post the video.
  • Your video will appear in the comments area (of the video you commented on) and your page.

Video comments are commonly left when a video’s transition is good, so they’ll get a lot of requests for new and imaginative edits. They can create videos that respond to a fan’s request for a continuous loop, and they can do so brilliantly with a couple of looped video responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you always have to reply via Video?

Tiktok gives users options to reply to comments creatively, like through videos, but aside from that, replying to comments normally by leaving a message is also possible on the platform.

A large number of people use Tiktok. Within hours of its release, the software had become one of the most popular in both the iOS and Android stores.

People from all corners of the globe were making videos about their lives, their families and friends, and even videos of live concerts.

Is there a built-in text chat option in Tiktok?

You can utilize the text chat to respond to a TikTok video comment. Simply click on the small chart icon next to your profile photo to access it.

To begin conversing, tap on the text chat icon, which will open a dialogue window. You’ll also get a list of everyone who has given you a message if you want to respond to them.

How to use the inbox for replying?

If you’re watching a video with multiple comments, press “Reply” once you’ve located the one you want to respond to.

How to respond to hateful comments?

There are many people on the platform, and some might be mean to you; you could respond to these types of comments by ignoring them or reporting them.

Does commenting boost visibility?

There is no proof that replying to a post boosts visibility on the platform.

Can you copy comments on TikTok?

Yes, you can copy comments through the messaging interface of the application. Generally, you can copy messages by holding down on the comment.

How To See The Comments On A Video?

You have to click on the comments icon in the application, usually found on the bottom right of the screen, to find who commented on your video.

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