How to Remove Red Light Filter on Silhouette Challenge

How to Remove Red Light Filter on Silhouette Challenge

The silhouette challenge is a viral Tiktok Trend.

In this challenge, a person would wear skimpy outfits and do poses on camera.

A red filter will then obscure the body, turning all of it to almost black.

And the background will be filtered with a red colored-tint.

In this article, we will find out how we can remove the red tint filter.

Removing Red Light Filter with Video Editor using Phone.

The red filter can be removed by using a video editor (available for both mobile and pc).

You can use video editing apps like Inshot, Kinemaster, Viva Cut, etc.

The video editor app must contain adjustment options for brightness, contrast, and saturation.

  1. Download the Silhouette Challenge Video.
  2. Open your video editor.
  3. Put the silhouette Tiktok video on the video editor timelime.
  4. Within the video editor, find the options to adjust brightness of the video.
  5. Increase the brightness.
  6. Within the video editor, find the options to adjust the contrast and saturation.
  7. Decrease both contrast and saturation.
  8. Decrease the tint (if available)
  9. Now the red filter in the Silhouette Challenge is removed.

Remove Silhouette Challenge Red Filter Using Inshot

Removing Red Light Filter Using Video Editor On Computer

For a better removal of the filter, we recommend using video editing software on pc.

Softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Da Vinci Resolve, and Final Cut.

You can drag the Tiktok Video into the timeline and adjust the colors.

Editing it on a computer allows you to manipulate more options to properly remove the red filter.

Specifically, in Adobe Premiere Pro, there is a Lumetri Color Feature which you can use to mess around with the colors of your videos.

This video explains the basics on how to use color correction in Adobe Premiere Pro.


How to Remove the Silhouette Challenge Filter?

Once the video has already been posted, it is impossible to remove the filter, you can only adjust the red tint.

How to Put Back Colors on Black Body in Silhouette Challenge?

You cannot put back colors on the black body.

You can only adjust it on video editing apps but you can never completely remove the black.

Is There A Way To Completely Remove The Filter On Silhouette Challenge?


You can only adjust the colors like the red and the black.

Even on a high-end video editing software, it is impossible to completely remove the Silhouette Filter.

Is Silhouette Challenge Dangerous?

Yes, the silhouette challenge on Tiktok can be a dangerous trend.

It can attract potential sexual predators.

Make sure that when doing the challenge, you have to put enough tint and filter.

If the tint or filter is too low, people can adjust it using video editing software.

This will cause your body to be exposed and visible enough for them to see.

Although there is nothing wrong in joining the trend.

It is important to note that when someone has a clear picture of you with your body almost naked.

They might use this to blackmail you, or post it on the internet without your consent!

This goes not only to the silhouette challenge but also to other trends.

Considering that Tiktok does not have an age limit restriction.

Something like the silhouette challenge can be abused by child predators.

If you are a parent, make sure that you regulate their use.

Better yet, just ban your children from ever participating in trends like these.

What is the Silhouette Challenge on Tiktok?

Silhouette Challenge is a new trend exploding on Tiktok.

#silhouttechallenge has gained more than 200 million views over the past year.

It is one of the biggest hits on social media.

It involves you posing in a doorway, preferably wearing not-so-skimpy clothes at first.

But then seconds later you make a seductive pose, coupled with a change of clothes.

A red background filter is then placed once you start posing seductively.

The song “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” is also played in the background.

How Did People Figure Out How to Remove The Red Filter?

After some time, people have apparently found a way to unmask the red filter on this Tiktok challenge.

This raised some concerns on people (specifically women) on Twitter.

A lot of youtube tutorial videos emerged, explaining how to remove the filter.

But of course, this didn’t stop people from doing the challenge anyway.

Is The Silhouette Challenge Safe?

If you decide to do the challenge, make sure not to go naked.

You cannot fully trust the filter to hide everything.

You need to wear some clothes, just in case.

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