How to Recover Deleted Instagram Account

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Account?

Instagram is a free social media platform that lets people take and share photos and videos online. This social media platform is available on both Android and iOS devices.

People create their own accounts and follow their friends and any other people who they want to follow. Others can also follow them back.

There are two different Instagram Accounts – Public and Private. Public accounts are those accounts that people can view even if they are not following them.

Public accounts’ posts and stories can be viewed by all people who have Instagram accounts.

Private accounts’ posts and stories, on the other hand, are only visible to those who followed them. Once an account became private, those who want to follow them shall send a request.

The user will decide whether they want to accept the request or not.

Disable/Deletion of Instagram Account

Anyone can disable or delete their own Instagram Account. The difference between the two is that when you disable your account, it will only be temporarily unavailable.

Your account cannot be searched or be unavailable to be messaged to. You can restore it if you log back in.

However, if you delete your account everything on your account, photos, videos, follows, and followers will be removed permanently.

So, how can you recover a deleted Instagram Account?

Recovery of Deleted Instagram Account

There are several ways how to recover your deleted Instagram Account

  • 30 days period

Instagram gives you 30 days before they completely your Instagram Account and anything related to it (photos, videos, follows, followers, etc.) You can reactivate your account as long as the 30 days period has not expired yet.

  • Accidental Deletion by Instagram

Appeal the incident to Instagram by contacting their help center. Just click this website link

Fill up the necessary information that Instagram is requesting. Then, wait for an email for at least 48 hours that will contain every instruction you will need.

Follow the instructions and wait for 2 – 3 days for your account to be recovered.

  • Deleted on purpose

If your Instagram account got deleted on purpose, whether by you or someone else, and the 30 days period is up, unfortunately, it cannot be recovered.

Instagram does not give you that option. This is according to the Instagram policy.


How many times can I disable my Instagram account?

You can temporarily disable your Instagram account for as many as you like, as long as you just disable it once a week.

Does disabling your account also give you a period of when you can only recover your account?

No, that option is only for when you deleted your account. When you temporarily disable your account, you can activate it anytime you want.

Instagram will not delete your Instagram information like photos and videos, even if you activated your Instagram account a year later.

What can I do if my Instagram account is hacked?

You can request a login link from Instagram. Below are the steps you need to follow depending on what device you are using.

  1. Click Get help with logging in for Android, or Forgot password for iOS devices.
  2. Type in your username, email, and phone number that is connected to the Instagram account you want to recover. Click
  3. Select between email or phone number as to where you would want to send the login link.
  4. Click Send login link.
  5. Click the login link and follow the instructions given to you

What are the other types of account you can make on Instagram?

Three types of account on Instagram

1. Personal

  • For own use
  • Cannot schedule posts
  • Have access to all music options on Instagram
  • Can be public or private

2. Professional

  1. Business
  • Access to Instagram Insights, contact buttons, gift card, delivery stickers
  • Access to collaborate with other accounts
  • For business company that are selling their products or services
  • Have access to posts scheduling
  • Royalty-free music
  1. Creator
  • Access to Instagram Insights, contact buttons, gift card, delivery stickers
  • Access to collaborate with other accounts
  • Cannot schedule posts
  • Intended for influencers
  • Has access to all music

Why did Instagram delete or disable my account?

You may have been reported by other people, violated Instagram Terms of Use, or have been inactive for a long time.

In order to be aware of Instagram Terms of Use, click this link,

Can I use the same username as my deleted Instagram account?

You can use the same username as long as that the deleted Instagram account was not deleted for violating any Instagram Community Guidelines

Can an Instagram account be banned?

Yes, you can be banned for the following reasons

  • Using an automation tool to like/comment on content aggressively or to follow/unfollow users
  • Buying likes and fake followers
  • Selling or buying accounts
  • Having duplicate accounts
  • Posting inappropriate content
  • Infringing on someone’s creations
  • Using Instagram if you are under 13 years old
  • Selling or promoting illegal products or services
  • Using broken or banned hashtags
  • Spamming, like writing more than 60 comments in an hour or 30 if your account is new or sending the same messages or posting the same comments
  • Using violent, aggressive, or offensive language

What happens if my Instagram account has been banned?

You cannot log in, therefore you cannot also make any comments, like, or share posts

You just have to wait for the ban period to surpass which is usually 24-48 hours.

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