How to Lock Brightness on iPhone

How to Lock Brightness on iPhone

iPhone is a smartphone that is made by Apple, a well-known American company that manufactures smartphones, computers, tablets, and peripherals.

This smartphone runs on the iOS operating system, the operating system Apple uses in all their manufactured devices.

Up until now, Apple products are popular on the market. The iPhone is considered to be the most popular among all those products.


Just like any other smartphones on the market, iPhone also have their own built-in settings that you can find on the phone.

Settings are customizable as well to fit your own preference. You can set what kind of notifications you want to receive and how you want to receive them.

You can also set up your way to unlock your iPhone on the Settings. You can unlock your iPhone by Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode.

Brightness is just one of the things you can customize. You can find it on your phone’s settings.

Just click the Settings icon on the Home Screen and tap the Display & Brightness. Here you can customize the Appearance and Brightness of your iPhone.

Brightness level of the phone can be customized by just using the Brightness slider. Turning on the Night Shift can also be helpful when you want to change the tone of the color of your phone’s display.

Changing the Brightness level is important for most people so that the display would not strain their eyes on daily use.

Some people may not want to have a bright display on their phone. You may need to turn up your brightness level when you are outside and it is bright to see more on your phone.

There is also a setting on the iPhone where it can adjust the Brightness for you. The Auto-brightness setting that was introduced on iOS 11 can adjust the brightness for you automatically.

But some may also want to have a constant brightness level on their iPhone without having to change it from time to time.

How to Lock Brightness on iPhone

If you do not want to adjust your brightness from time to time or you do not want the level of your brightness to automatically change, you can lock the brightness of your phone based on what level you prefer.

Follow these steps below to lock your iPhone’s brightness on the Settings.

  • Turn off the Auto Brightness of your iPhone by going to Settings, and tapping the Accessibility.
  • Once on the Accessibility tab, tap Display & Text Size.
  • Scroll down to the Auto-Brightnessand turn it off.
  • Go back to Settingsand tap Display & Brightness.
  • Use the Brightness slider to adjust the level of brightness you prefer.

You can also adjust the Brightness through the Control Center. Just drag it down and you can see the Brightness bar, the one with the sun icon.

This way your iPhone would no longer adjust its brightness level on its own.


What are the settings you can find on your iPhone?

Below are some of the settings you can find on your iPhone (iOS 14.4 and up) and change to your own liking.

  • Notifications
  • Sounds
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Screen Time
  • General
  • Control Center
  • Display & Brightness
  • Wallpaper
  • Siri & Search

What settings on iPhone I should change or customized?

Here are some settings you may want to consider changing or customizing.

  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication
  • Adjust Auto-Lock
  • Turn on Find my iPhone to track your lost device
  • Set Emergency SOS
  • Enable Do Not Disturb while Driving

How much does an iPhone cost?

The average price on an iPhone is $758.

What is the difference between Android and Apple smartphones?

Android and Apple smartphones differ in many ways, from software used to interface. Below are the differences between these smartphones.

  • Formats and design
  • Energy efficiency and raw power
  • Features and innovation
  • Connectivity
  • Accessories
  • Longevity, service, and repair
  • Physical storage
  • Operating system
  • Updates
  • Interface
  • Stores
  • Apps
  • Privacy

What is the latest iPhone in the market right now?

The latest iPhone available on the market right now is the iPhone 13 series.

What is Siri?

Siri is a virtual assistant available on all Apple products that you can use to help you with things like make calls, send texts, or use apps with just using your voice.

I lost my iPhone, how can I find it?

If you have turned on Find my iPhone on your phone beforehand, you can go to and put your Apple ID to locate your iPhone.

What are the downsides of iPhones?

  • Not much room for customization
  • No option to add micro SD card
  • Cannot open multiple apps at once

Cannot add widgets to your iPhone’s home screen

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