How To Follow Someone On Instagram Without Them Knowing

How To Follow Someone On Instagram Without Them Knowing?

Concerned about your privacy?

If you are planning to stalk someone on Instagram, then you should hide your identity.

There are two ways you can do this.

You can either use a dummy account.

Or you can use Instagram++

Method 1 : Dummy Account

This method is easy but not very effective.

A dummy account with a fake name will hide your identity.

If the account is private, approval is still needed.

An obvious dummy account will not be accepted for approval.

When making a dummy account, we recommend making it look real and authentic.

A “real and authentic” looking dummy account will help you get follower approval.

How To Make A Dummy Account?

This method is simple.

  1. You just need to create a new Instagram account.
  2. Log out of your original account and then sign up with your new dummy account.
  3. Find someone on Instagram and follow them.

To remain anonymous, make sure to use a fake name.

If you view their stories or like their posts, they will know.

Do not use your real name on the dummy account.

Make sure that the dummy account is not linked with your original account.

Method 2 : Instagram++

This app will allow you to view someone’s private account.

You can look at posts and stories and they will not know anything.

How To Install Instagram++?

  1. Open your Chrome Browser. (This app is not available on the App store or Play store)
  2. Find Instagram++ on com and download it.
  3. Install the app
  4. After installing, you can now open and use Instagram++ to view private accounts.

This video will explain how to install Instagram++ and how it works.


How To Install Instagram++ on Android and Iphone?

The app is available for both Iphone and Android.

You can find it on

Can’t Install Instagram++ On Android?

You need to go to settings and [allow the installation of unknown apps].

Different phone models have different settings so we don’t have a general guide on how to turn on unknown app installation.

Usually, it is found under the [Security] section.

You will need to find it yourself on the settings in your phone.

If the settings on your phone have a search bar, be sure to use it.

Search [unknown app] on the search bar and see if the option will appear.

This video will explain how to find and toggle the install unknown apps option in settings.

Is There Any Other Way To View Someone On Instagram Without Using Instagram++?

There was this app called Instasnoop which allowed you to view stories and be anonymous on Instagram.

Unfortunately, it was only available around the year 2015-2016.

Can You See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram?

No you cannot.

This is only possible if you remember who was following you.

If you check your followers list and they are not there, then they probably unfollowed you.

Of course, if you have a huge list of Instagram followers, checking up on them would be a hassle.

Can People Know Who I Follow On Instagram?

If your account is public, then yes everyone can see who you follow on Instagram.

If your account is private, only accepted followers can know the people you follow on Instagram.

Can Someone Know If I Follow Them On Instagram?


Instagram has a follower list.

People can see their followers by checking the list.

Unless you are using a dummy account or Instagram++, then people will know you are following them.

Can You Really See Posts On A Private Account Without Following The Account?

Reddit and Quora users discuss that this is not possible.

Sometimes, people find tricks to actually do this.

Eventually, Instagram will catch up with the trick and then make it impossible to do in the next update.

This is also possible if you know how to hack the instagram system.

But that is very hard to do.

No approval means you can’t see their posts.

What Is A Follower On Instagram?

A follower is a person who has set up their instagram to be updated everytime you post something on instagram.

If you post something new, it will be seen on their Instagram feed.

The opposite of this is “following” someone on Instagram.

If you follow someone on Instagram, then you will be updated everytime they make a post.

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