IGFollow 2.0 - How to Export Instagram Followers

How to Export List of Followers from Instagram?

Instagram followers are users who follow your account to see, like, and comment on your posts, stories, and reels. Private accounts need to approve followers before they could really appear on the followers list.

If the account is private, only approved followers will see their media posts on Instagram. This is different on public accounts, wherein everyone will be able to see their media posts.

People will not see as well who are the followers of those private accounts and the accounts they are following.

Followers can also be removed on the list by the user if they wish to. Just go on the followers list, search for the follower who you want to remove, and tap the Remove button.

Export List of Followers from Instagram

You can export a list of your followers or any Instagram user’s followers using a Chrome Extension. IGFollow is a helper lead tool used for Instagram to easily export followers and following lists to CSV.

Follow these steps below to export a list of followers or following from Instagram

  • Install IGFollowextension in Google Chrome
  • Open the extension
  • Enter the Instagram Username who preferred
  • Check if you want to export Followers or Following
  • Click Export Button
How to Export Instagram Followers


How do I gain more instagram followers?

There is no exact way on how to gain more followers on Instagram but you can follow these steps below to attract more users

  • posting on a regular basis
  • posting high-quality content that is in line with your brand
  • using hashtags relevant to your content, location, or target
  • interacting with your followers and tapping into their audiences by publicly responding to their Instagram activity
How to Gain Instagram Followers Organically 2022

Can I buy followers?

People may offer you to pay for followers but Instagram discourages you to do so. You might get banned or suspended and your reputation as a brand might get tainted.

Can I get banned/suspended for buying instagram followers?

Just like what mentioned on the previous question, there is a possibility to get banned or suspended when you buy Instagram followers.

Is there faster way to increase number of followers

There is no specific faster way to increase the number of followers except buying one. But since this is highly discouraged, the only way you can do is patiently wait for people to notice your account.

Is there any specific number of followers to get verified?

There is no specific number of followers to reach to qualify for verification. There is a certain criteria you have to meet to get verified.

Private accounts are not eligible for verification. Follow these tips below to increase your chance of getting verified.

  • Complete your Instagram profile
  • Build your social profiles
  • Look out for impersonator profiles
  • Boost your earned media
  • Stay active on your account
  • Remove Any Cross-Platform Links From Your Bio
  • Improve your searchability
  • Personalize your posts
  • Hire a publicist or agency to help

Can I unfollow everyone I want in one click?

There is no mass unfollowing button on Instagram. Your only option is to go to their profile and unfollow them one-by-one.

Can I view a private account without following it?

Private option for Instagram accounts are there for a reason. People do not want others to see their content except their approved followers.

You can only view these accounts and their contents if you send a follow request and they accept it. There might be tools or websites you can see on the internet that tell you that they can let you view private accounts and their content.

But do not get attracted by this. These tools and websites are fake, scam and might send you viruses on your devices.

It is highly discouraged to use these tools to respect the private user’s privacy as well.

Will the user get notified if I rejected their follow request?

If someone sends you a follow request or vice versa, there will be two options available. You can accept it or delete it.

If you chose to delete it, that user would not get any notification that their request has been rejected. This same goes for you, if your request gets rejected by another use, you will not get any notification.

Who is the most followed on Instagram?

Cristiano Ronaldo, @cristiano, is the most followed person on Instagram. He is a Portuguese professional footballer whose account has already reached 447 millions followers.

Can I hide my followers and following lists?

You can hide your followers and following lists on your profile. The only time that your followers and following list will be hidden is if your account is Private and an unapproved user tries to view the list.

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