How Long Do Zombie Pigmen Stay Mad

How Long Do Zombie Pigmen Stay Mad

Mobs in Minecraft can be neutral, aggressive, or passive in the game. Zombie Pigmen are one of the neutral mobs in the game, so they won’t attack you if you don’t attack them.

If you accidentally hit them, you would be under siege by all the Zombie Pigmen in your vicinity and keep attacking you until you follow some specific protocols.

This article aims to show new Minecraft players how to avoid angering Zombie Pigmen and how long they get mad. Read more to be a better Minecraft player.

Everything You Need To Know About Zombie Pigmen

Zombie Pigmen are one of the most commonly spawning mobs in the nether. In the game, you would have to teleport to another dimension to be able to meet them.

They usually appear like pigs in the normal world, just a little bit zombified.

Zombie Pigmen either spawn as their adult versions or their baby versions. The baby Zombie Pigmen are much more dangerous as they are smaller and faster than their adult counterparts, with the caveat of them giving you more experience.

When dealing with their aggro, you would have to clear every angry Pigman you see; if you leave at least one of them alive when you come back to the nether, you would still be their target. You can not escape their wrath even after you die on the server.

How To Stop Zombie Pigmen Aggression

The video starts with the gameplay of a very old version of the game. A Minecraft YouTuber posted the video around nine years ago. Since then, the developers have never really slowed down in updating the game, so that this video could be somewhat outdated with the new additions to the nether.

The speaker states that there is a myth that if you walk for around 50 blocks away after you’ve angered a Zombie Pigman, they become docile. He then proceeds to do this experiment by hitting a Pigman trapped in a box; then, he flees across his bridge.

The experiment turned out to be successful as the despawning of the mobs changed their aggressive stance.

The Tragic Story of Minecraft’s Zombie Pigmen (Piglins)


How Long Do Zombie Pigmen Stay Mad?

Zombie Pigmen would stop being aggressive after 20 to 40 seconds. You would have to get out of their aggro range of about 50 blocks to pull this trick off, then stay there for about 40 seconds to make them docile again.

Do Zombie Pigmen Eventually Forget You?

Zombie Pigmen will eventually forget you if you leave them alone for about a minute. Although, with the 1.8 updates of the game, baby Zombie Pigmen would ignore this rule and would stay angry at you the whole time.

Is It Better To Use A Sword On Zombie Pigmen?

With the recent combat update in Minecraft, swords are better to use against Zombie Pigmen now. The sword’s area of effect damage would be good against hordes of Pigmen attacking you all simultaneously.

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