Does Doordash Deactivate For Inactivity/ How Long Can You Be Inactive On Doordash

How Long Can You Be Inactive On Doordash?

We all need to take a break sometimes.

If you work for DoorDash, you might ask this question.

Will DoorDash deactivate my account if I don’t take orders?

The short answer is no.

What Does Doordash Deactivation Policy Say About Inactivity?

Doordash will not deactivate you for inactivity.

Doordash Deactivation Policy does not mention anything about deactivating your account for being inactive.

They deactivate you if your ratings fall too low.

They will also deactivate your account if you don’t behave yourself properly while working for them.

List of reasons why DoorDash may deactivate your account:

  • Violence or inappropriate behavior, including abusive language
  • Use of alcohol and drugs
  • Discrimination or harassment
  • Unsafe driving and biking
  • Failure to comply with the law
  • Failure to pass a background check

DoorDash may also deactivate your account if you abuse the app.

Here is a list of app abuse which might get you in trouble:

  • Manipulating the referrals system or promotions
  • Using red cards improperly
  • Providing information that is fraudulent or inaccurate
  • Tampering with deliveries or failing to maintain standards of food safety

If you need to know more, you can watch this video. [Skip to 12:18 in the video]

You can also go to their Deactivation Policy to know more.


How Long Can You Be Inactive On Doordash?

You can be inactive for as long as you want.

However, if you are a heavy worker at Doordash, you should contact Doordash support and let them know that you will be inactive for a while. Just to be safe.

Reddit users mention them being inactive for more than a year.

They were inactive for more than 12 months but their accounts were fine.

Nothing literally happened.

They simply opened the app and started working again.

How To Work For Doordash?

This video will explain everything you need to know.

Working as a dasher is a great and profitable job if you like going from place to place delivering food.

What Are The Requirements To Apply For DoorDash?

You need to be at least 18, have a vehicle, smartphone, and the doordash app.

Having criminal history will disqualify your application.

How Much Money Do You Make Working With DoorDash?

One user on the internet said that he made about 180 dollars in a single week working as a driver.

He said that he worked around a total of 9 hours.

That should make it 20 dollars an hour.

Of course, this depends on the area you work in.

If you work as a driver in a busy and high-income area, you will get paid more.

This is because people who have a lot of money are much more generous at giving tips to workers.

This thread on Reddit contains helpful tips for people working as dashers.

Why Did Doordash Deactivate My Account?

DoorDash deactivated your account because you violated their policy.

Or maybe your ratings are bad and DoorDash had to deactivate your account.

Sometimes DoorDash also makes a mistake and may deactivate your account for apparently no reason.

Be sure to check on their live chat to clear up the deactivation of your account.

How To Avoid Being Deactivated On DoorDash?

Obey the law and don’t act stupid.

Remember that your ratings will decide your fate.

If the customers do not like your attitude, they will rate you poorly.

Having bad ratings will result in deactivation.

Make sure to be on your best attitude while working as a dasher.

List of things you can do to make your ratings better.

  • Smile
  • Don’t be rude
  • Greet the customers
  • Don’t make people uncomfortable
  • Secure the package and don’t let it get damaged
  • Don’t take offers while drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • Drive safe
  • Don’t get in trouble with the law
  • Deliver the item on time  (this one is very important)

Can I Order Alcohol On Doordash?

Yes you can.

What is DoorDash Peak Pay?

According to DoorDash, Peak Pay happens when it’s busy and order demand is high.

Peak Pay helps Dashers earn extra money per delivery on top of what they already make.

How Do I Tip Dashers?

You can tip the delivery guy using the app.

You can also just tip them with cash after they deliver your food.

DoorDash assures that drivers get 100% of the tip paid to them on the app.

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