Does Deleting An Instagram Account Delete Messages

Does Deleting An Instagram Account Delete Messages?

People may choose to deactivate their social media pages for personal reasons. However, most people have one common concern; will removing their Instagram account delete their private messages?

Instagram’s data policy shows that they will delete your content once you remove your account. This article will explain how deactivating your account will affect its content.

Does Deleting An Instagram Account Delete Messages?

Your messages and other posts will disappear once you delete your Instagram account. You can’t access your direct messages (DMs) and contacts.

In this video, the woman clearly explains how deleting your Instagram account can lose your messages and contact list. The people who have communicated with you also won’t be able to see your account.

Other users can’t send you direct messages, and they can’t add your account to group messages. It’s as if your page never existed.

  • What Happens When I Deactivate My Account

Sometimes, users temporarily prefer to deactivate or “log out” of their account. When this happens, you can’t access your messages or contacts, but they reappear once you log in again.

However, you will lose your messaging history when this happens. You must backup essential messages before you deactivate your account.

  • What Happens When I Permanently Delete My Account?

Your account content will still be available within 30 days after the deletion request. However, once these days expire, Instagram will permanently delete your account.

The Instagram team may decide to keep some of your information when it’s involved in terms of violation, legal issues, or harm prevention. The people who have received your direct messages can still view the conversation.


1. Can I Recover Messages From A Deleted Instagram Account?

Yes, you can see messages from deleted Instagram accounts by doing the following:

  1. Open your web browser and download Instagramrecovery software. iPhone Data Recovery works best for iOS, while Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery works best for Android.
  2. Next, enter your username on the recovery tool.
  3. Finally, tap on the recover messages button, and you will restore all your lost DMs.

2. How To Delete Instagram Messages?

Sometimes, Instagram users want to delete direct messages to save space on their platform. You can do this task without having to delete your account.

In this video, the woman explains how to delete messages on your account with visual guides. You can choose to remove the conversation one at a time by swiping left on the icon and selecting delete.

However, if you want to delete several conversations at once, you must go to “settings” and switch your account to a “professional creator account.” This setting will include a new icon on your page to let you select several conversations.

3. Can I Create A New Instagram Account After Deleting The Old One?

After deleting your old account, you can create a new one, but your followers and messages won’t transfer to your new account. You must connect with the other accounts again and use recovery software to see your old messages.

4. Can I Use The Same Username On My New Account?

You can create a new Instagram account with the same username and email as your old one, but this won’t sync your old information and contacts with the new account. The best choice is to start from the beginning to build the foundation of your new account.

5. How To Permanently Delete An Instagram Account

Some people don’t like sharing their lives with the public, so they can choose to delete their Instagram accounts.

  1. Open your Instagram app or log in to your account using a web browser.
  2. Go to “settings,” then look for “delete your account.”
  3. Enter the reason why you want to delete your Instagram account.
  4. Enter your password, then click “delete (username).”

6. Can You Recover A Deleted Instagram Account?

If you or other users deleted your Instagram account, it can’t be recovered. However, if Instagram deleted your account due to any issues, you can visit the help center and ask for an appeal.

Appeals also apply if someone deleted your account by mistake.

7. Can I Have Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Yes, you can have up to five separate Instagram accounts on the same app. You can open your new account on your existing profile.

  1. Press the three lines on the upper-left corner of the app.
  2. Select “add account” and input a new username and password for the new page.

Now you have a new platform for sharing content.

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