Do Butterflies Get Drunk

Do Butterflies Get Drunk?


Butterflies seek the fruit that has high intoxication, so yes. Butterflies get drunk. They love alcohol and getting drunk.

Male butterflies like to drink to give a nuptial gift to the female ones. Notice that butterflies don’t fly in a straight line? That’s because they are drunk!

Life Of A Butterfly

Stage 1: Egg

A female butterfly usually lays her eggs in a leaf or stem. The size and texture of the eggs vary as butterflies also have various kinds.

Some eggs take only weeks to hatch, and others wait for a warm-weather before finally becoming a caterpillar.

Stage 2: Caterpillar

The moment the egg becomes a caterpillar, they start eating their way up until they finally leave the egg home.

The caterpillar stage is the stage where they are introduced to nature and how the rules of the wilderness. Their purpose is to eat and eat until they are fully grown and ready for the next stage.

Stage 3: Pupa

The pupa stage is the last stage before becoming a beautiful butterfly. The moment the caterpillar is ready for the next process, it will form itself into a pupa or also called a chrysalis.

You can find pupas in hidden leaves or stems safe from the wild and predators that could hinder them from becoming a butterfly.

Stage 4: Butterfly

Usually, it would take a chrysalis to become a butterfly for a few weeks, or some take months, depending on the kind. Butterflies will cut the pupa open, but they will still wait for the hemolymph to dry so their wings will be strong and big.

Once they are fully ready, the butterfly will take its first flight and conquer the world of insects!

Things You Don’t Know About Butterflies

Fact #1: Caterpillars Grow 3,000 Times Bigger Than Its Original Size

Their original size is as big as a grain of rice. They are designed to eat and grow, so they will be ready to become chrysalis.

Fact #2: Metamorphic Butterflies Are Not Blue, But Crystal Clear

Metamorphic butterflies are famous for their wonderful color, as it is the color of the sky. However, the wings are only reflected in the blue spectrum, making it look like the real color of the wings is metallic blue. But in reality, the wings are as clear as crystal.

Fact #3: Butterflies Only Have A Lifespan Of Two Weeks

It may seem like a short period, but they get everything done in this short time.

An adult butterfly needs to find a mate and lay its eggs. That’s their only purpose.

Fact #4: There Are 10,000 Butterfly Species In The World

In the United States, they have discovered over 800 species already. Not counting the butterflies from other countries that have yet to be discovered.

Fact #5: Butterflies Need The Sun To Fly

Butterflies are solar-powered. Butterflies do not produce their body heat to have enough strength, so they depend on sunlight.

10 Most Beautiful Butterflies on Planet Earth

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Know If It’s A Butterfly Or Moth?

Most butterflies fly in the morning as they absorb the sunlight to have energy and strength for the day, while some moths fly at night. A butterfly’s wings are flat back when they are resting, while the moths are horizontal. Lastly, butterflies have thick antennae, while moths are usually straight and have feathers.

Do Butterflies Go To Other Places?

Many butterflies only stay at the place where they were born. Butterflies need to travel because of the weather, like the Monarch butterfly in some cases and species.

Do Butterflies Have All The Five Senses?

Adult butterflies have all five senses. But, their smell is an essential sense that they need to have.

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