Convert Landscape Video To Portrait Tik Tok

Convert Landscape Video To Portrait Tik Tok

Can you convert landscape video into portrait at Tik Tok? Yes, you definitely can. You can use various video editing apps to turn your landscape video into a portrait, which is exactly what we’ll be tackling today.

Converting Horizontal Videos To Vertical

How to resize video for TikTok, Reels, Shorts ▪ CapCut Edit Tutorial ▪ Horizontal Video Full Screen

One can find a 9:16 aspect ratio on many platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram Stories or Reels, Snapchats, Youtube Shorts, and so on. If you have many videos taken in a 16:9 or similar aspect ratio and want to post them as a portrait, the video above would help you.

In the video, she mentioned that she uses Bytedance’s Capcut as her editing platform. You can download it for free for both iOS and Android devices.

You can find the steps below from the video above, and you can either see the video first for the whole context or go directly down and follow through to start converting your video:

  1. If you still don’t have it, download the app, then open it.
  2. Open a new project. Pull in the landscape video you needed or wanted to convert into a portrait.
  3. Down below your screen, you’ll see various buttons. Scroll across and pick the Format button.
  4. From the format choices, choose 9:16. Your video then would appear smaller, and black bars would come.

You can change the color of those bars to your desired background color. Go back to the menu buttons and choose Canvas to change it.

Then you can pick Color to change the color plainly and Background for various choices on the design of a more detailed bar. You can also choose to upload other pictures on your camera roll.

  1. Hold the video with two fingers, and pull it to zoom in and out. It is to adjust how much of the video you will see.
  2. If the subject went out of the video, you can split that part and drag the matter back to the center.
  3. If you want to see the whole scene again, you’ll need to split it first. Then, hold the screen with two fingers and make a pinching motion to zoom out.


Why Is TikTok So Successful? | Business Unlocked

One of the reasons Tik Tok is famous is because its feed caters to individual users, making it addictive. It is possible thanks to Tik Tok’s artificial intelligence that uses location, hashtags, followed accounts, watched videos, and more to know what interests an individual.

2. What Can Be Done With Tik Tok?

You can create and edit content, share, and discover interesting short clips in line with your interests.

3. How To Shoot Videos Vertically On Tik Tok?

First, open the app, then hold your phone in a vertical position and shoot a new video. Edit it before saving.

4. Can Tik Tok Do Horizontal Videos?

Yes, it can. Although, it’s not typical for the app since most videos are shared in portrait format.

5. How To Fit Landscape Videos Into Portrait Mode?

Either you’ll edit the video as explained in the content above to make it fancy and suitable, or you can crop it or zoom it out.

6. What Other Video Editing Apps Can One Use For Tik Tok Clips?

According to CyberLink, PowerDirector is the best video editing app, while VEED is the most promising online editor. Clideo is most suitable for beginners, and PowerDirector 365 is the best for Windows and Mac.

7. What Makes A Video Editing App Suitable?

It would be best to consider the effects, fonts, motion graphics, transitions, audio tools, speed control, color correction, and so on. Still, it would depend on whatever purpose you’ll be using the editing app.

8. Is It Worth It To Use Tik Tok Video Editors That Have Fees?

It’s best to do research first before choosing a video editor. If you’ll be using the editor most of the time and have money to spend, paying for a good video editor would be worthwhile.

Still, it would be best to find good free editing apps. Indeed, you’ll find one that would suit your needs.

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