Can I Use Wifi on a Locked iPhone

Can I Use Wifi on a Locked iPhone?

You can use Wi-Fi on Locked iPhones. Your iPhone will be able to access the internet without using the mobile data but by using the internet that is connected to Wi- Fi

However, you should note that though it can access the internet using wifi, you may be restricted from using other features of your phone like text messaging or phone calls. You may use online messaging and online calls.

Steps On How to Connect Your iPhone without Unlocking it

You can connect to your Wi-Fi without unlocking your iPhone. There are just a few steps that you need to do in order to do so, check more detailed steps below.

Step 1 Go to Settings.

First, you may need to go to the Settings tab of your iPhone. Scroll and check the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Step 2 Click Wi-Fi

After clicking Wi-Fi, you need to turn it on. If it is off, the button on the left side of the word Wi-Fi appears to be white; if you turn it on, it will change into green.

Step 3 Select The Wi-Fi Network

You now select the Wi-Fi Network so you can be connected.

Step 4 Enter the Wi-Fi Password

You may now encode the password so you can connect to the wifi. Check to see if the Wi-Fi signal now appears on the upper left corner of your screen.

Steps On How To Automatically Connect Your iPhone to Your Wifi

If you are tired of continually encoding your password to connect to the Wi-Fi, you may turn on the Auto-Join feature of the iPhone to be automatically connected to the Wi-Fi.

Step 1 Go To Settings

You need to go to Settings and then Click Wi-Fi.

Step 2 Tab the Network Name

After clicking Wifi, you will be routed with the network name where your iPhone is connected. Click the network name.

Step 3 Click Auto-Join

Click the Auto-Join button. It must appear in green for it to be turned on; if it appears to be white, then it’s off.

Here’s a Video on How to Connect Your iPhone to Wi-Fi

iPhone 13 – How to Connect to Wi-Fi


How to share your Wi-Fi password | Apple Support

Can I Connect My iPhone To WiFi using WPS?

You can find WPS or Wi-Fi Password Setup on other stuff like printers. However, iPhones do not have one.

To connect your iPhone to your wifi, you may need to go to settings, tab Wi-fi, click network name and then encode the password.

Can I connect my iPhone to Wi-fi without a password

Yes, only if the network where you want to connect has no password or if your iPhone is automatically connected to the network. If the network has a password, you do not have the option but to know and encode it to access.

Can a Locked iPhone Connect to Wifi?

Yes, as long as you know the password, you can connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi.

How can I get the Internet on my locked iPhone?

You can get the internet to your locked iPhone by unlocking it for you to insert a Simcard and let it connect to your mobile data. If you don’t want it to be unlocked, you can connect it to a Wi-Fi network.

Just make sure you know the password to get connected.

Can I use a Locked iPhone?

Yes, you can use a locked iPhone. However, you may not be able to make phone calls and messages unless you unlock it.

Also, you can only access the internet if you connect it to a Wi-fi network but not the mobile data.

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